Why should you hire The Wussow Company?

“Mike Wussow brings depth of experience and sound judgment to every assignment. With The Wussow Company, we benefit from senior-level strategic counsel along with writing and editing expertise that’d be too expensive to bring in house.”

Todd Zeigler, Founder & CEO, The Brick Factory, Washington, D.C.

We could say because we’re the best. But that might lead to all sorts of unnecessary comparisons and arguments with friend and foe alike. What we can say is that we’re quick studies, and we offer quality, value and experience. Although we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we treat every client with the utmost of seriousness and professionalism, bringing to each assignment the perspective of two decades of experience across public policy, health care and biotechnology, corporate America, think tanks and journalism. We also emphasize confidentiality and ideally operate under the radar. We don’t want to be the center of attention.

Is The Wussow Company a full service firm?

No. Here’s what we are: A strategic leadership practice with counsel and implementation emphases in editorial services, communication and public affairs. We offer senior-level counsel and support and typically work directly with CEOs and C-suite principals. Here’s what we aren’t: We aren’t a public relations or one-off media relations firm. We aren’t a tactical implementation practice. And we aren’t our clients’ spokesperson. Sometimes an assignment requires a supplemental skill set that we might not have or can’t do in a cost-efficient manner for a client. When that happens, we’re able to reach out to one of our colleagues/associate organizations with whom we have developed trusting relationships: leading digital agencies such as The Brick Factory, global public relations firms, U.S. foreign policy advisors, risk management professionals and health care industry specialists, to name a few.

How much are you going to charge me?

We are hired on a retainer or project basis. Our fees are calculated accordingly—retainer, project or hourly. Reasonable usual and customary expenses are additional. There are no surprises in our billing system.

What industries and sectors of the economy do you work in?

We have experience and perspective to navigate issues and needs in most areas. We have an abundance of experience in public policy (including foreign policy, national security, regional economic integration and science), political advocacy, technology and health care.

Where are your clients located?

We have clients on two U.S. coasts and in between.

Who runs the place?

Mike Wussow is the chief scribe and strategist, founder and president of The Wussow Company.