“When we needed someone we could trust to report and write our center’s first major publication, we were fortunate that Mike Wussow was available. He and The Wussow Company can be relied on not only to become an integral part of your team but also to get the job done on budget and deadline. Mike is a quick study, an excellent writer and a skilled reporter. We still receive strong, positive reviews on the report he authored for us.”
Creigh H. Agnew, President, Slade Gorton International Policy Center, Seattle & Washington, D.C.

“Everyone touts Mike Wussow as one terrific writer. He is. Mike can crank copy that informs and explains but also dazzles and delights. His style is often a clever turn of a phrase here and there, with smart ways to explore and explain the complex. He is a thoughtful strategic adviser. Mike deftly navigates complexity, providing insight that impacts bottom line decision-making. He has an immense curiosity. His mind is always wondering, seeking, probing. Mike is a highly creative and strategic thinker and writer. We enjoy our work with Mike and The Wussow Company, always on time, budget and target.”
John Brodeur, Chairman, Brodeur Partners, Boston, Mass.

“[Mike is] thorough, his counsel cogent, his analytic advice precise. [He] is a superb writer and a tireless worker. … I would hire him on the spot….”
Major Garrett, Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News & Correspondent-at-Large, National Journal, Washington, D.C.

“If you need someone who can master a complex, technical topic rapidly, write about it, and make it understandable and compelling to a wide set of audiences, look no further than Mike Wussow. Mike and The Wussow Company are easy to work with and bring professionalism and expertise to everything they touch.”
John Heinze, Ph.D., Executive Director, Environmental Health Research Foundation, Chantilly, Va.

“Mike Wussow rapidly assessed our communications capabilities and gave critical strategic guidance when we needed it most. Mike and The Wussow Company helped us align our communications and business goals. He got us there by asking tough questions, guiding program development, and coaching us on how to define and tell our story. That’s no small feat in something as complex as healthcare and population health. Mike knows his stuff and knows how to help others understand theirs. He excels at helping others think critically, communicate and implement best practices to get results.”
Nicole Provonchee, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Ascension Care Management, Nashville, Tenn.

“Mike Wussow has been a key advisor since our earliest days, trusted with sensitive information and counted on to provide insightful strategic counsel. The Wussow Company’s experience has benefited us in many ways, from media training and international media engagement to having our story communicated to diverse audiences. Mike isn’t a yes man, and he gives independent advice. In a rapidly moving industry where the stakes are high, that’s extremely valuable.”
Matthew Scholz, Founder, Immusoft, Seattle, Wash.

“Mike Wussow brings depth of experience and sound judgment to every assignment. With The Wussow Company, we benefit from senior-level strategic counsel along with writing and editing expertise that’d be too expensive to bring in house. The Wussow Company is a cost-effective and valuable asset, integrating seamlessly into our projects, helping us develop strategy and deliver what we need when we need it.”
Todd Zeigler, Founder & CEO, The Brick Factory, Washington, D.C.