What We Do

The Wussow Company offers experienced, executive-level counsel and implementation assistance for a variety of needs in the communication and public affairs area. In practice, our areas of specialization can mean many things.

“Mike Wussow has been a key advisor since our earliest days, trusted with sensitive information and counted on to provide insightful strategic counsel. The Wussow Company’s experience has benefited us in many ways, from media training and international media engagement to having our story communicated to diverse audiences.”

Matthew Scholz, Founder and CEO, Immusoft, Seattle, Wash.

Generally, we provide writing and editing content expertise (editorial services) as well as senior-level communication and public affairs counsel. We work most seamlessly with organizations that have in interest in, respect for, and commitment to tethering their communication and public affairs functions to long-term strategic leadership interests.

Listed below is how we usually spend our time. But we do more and are happy to discuss your needs. If we can’t help you, we’ll point you to someone who can. Our resources are extensive.

Writing & Editing

Op-eds? Check. Policy reports? Check. Speeches? Check. Books? Check. Analysis? Check. Blogs, websites, press releases and collateral? Check, check, check and check. This is where we excel. The Wussow Company can and does write and edit just about anything. We have a strong background in public policy and have written on everything from terrorism to Iraq to cybercrime to transportation to scientific developments. If you have writing and editing needs, we can fulfill them.

Communication & Public Affairs Counsel

The best laid plans … at least have a chance of succeeding. We’re advocates of taking the time and making the effort to plan (as much as feasible) communication and public affairs efforts. We provide advice, counsel, training and recommend opportunities to maximize effectiveness (strategically placed and timed content, thoughtful yet agile engagement with public officials and media, and third-party collaboration strategies).

Executive Coaching & Advising

We are usually retained by and work directly with CEOs and C-suite principals. In that capacity, we serve in an advisory capacity on everything from executive-level strategic decision-making to presentation and media engagement coaching to offering a wide range of counsel covering communication, public affairs and leadership.

Issue Management & Partnership Development

It doesn’t take a guru to be able to read (and influence) the tealeaves. What it usually takes is an experienced organization that invests the time to intimately understand the marketplace of ideas and to engage—or not— appropriately. Whether you need to follow or influence an issue, we can help. Our experience includes: navigating entrenched local political fiefdoms with different stakes in regional projects, timing government engagement strategies affecting local and regional concerns, and helping establish international partnerships to shape policy outcomes.